Hi, I'm Jonny

Hi, I’m Jon Nastor. I have been starting businesses for the past 13 years.

My entrepreneurial journey began with multiple businesses offline, but in 2011 I discovered the 'internet as a business' and decided that I would never work offline again.

By 2012, I was running a successful software company from my laptop, traveling the world with my wife and daughter, and playing drums in a punk rock band. I had the freedom to work when and where I wanted and had achieved the 4 Hour Work Week, but I had the desire to do something meaningful.

Up until now, I had spent a large portion of my life picking the brains of entrepreneurs that had walked the entrepreneurial path before me and I wanted to share what I had learned -- entrepreneurs are not born, they are created through mindset, hard work, and a desire to do meaningful work.

325+ interviews and over 2.2 million downloads later and I want to give you the best hacks. That's exactly what the Hack the Entrepreneur book will give you.

I love how the internet has changed mine and my family's life and I cannot wait to help you start, build, and grow your very online business.

The entrepreneurs and experts you will learn from (plus 40 more inside!)

Seth GodinSeth Godin, best selling author

How to stop struggling with failure.

Brian SmithBrian Smith, founder of UGG Boots

It is all about overcoming each obstacle as it hits, and not giving up.

James AltucherJames Altucher, entrepreneur and author

Most Things in Life Fail. It's Okay.

Nellie AkalpNellie Akalp, founder of CorpNet

True success comes from having a ton of failures and then learning from them.

Landon RayLandon Ray, founder of OntraPort

Entrepreneurs are not born, they're made.

Brian ClarkBrian Clark, cofounder of Rainmaker Digital

Why you need to become the CEO of your own business.

Kate MatsudairaKate Matsudaira, founder of PopForms

You have to learn to love what you do, versus trying to do what you love.

Chris BroganChris Brogan, founder of Owner Media

The best way to be wrong.

Dominic Johnson-HillDominic Johnson-Hill, founder of Plastered Tshirts

Let Your Challenges Become Your Super Powers.

Jon SteinJon Stein, founder of Betterment

Choosing the path of unpredictability.

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Who should read this book

micAre you stuck and don't know what to do next?

In the Hack the Entrepreneur book, Jonny will be your personal mastermind, coach, and mentor as he gives you the guidance and kick in the ass you need today.

micDo you want to control your destiny?

If you want to design a lifestyle that puts you in control of your time and income, this book is for you.

micDo you want to do work that matters?

If you want to work on projects that make a real impact and have meaning to you and others, this book will let you discover your true value.

micWant the freedom to travel?

If the idea of working on your business while travelling the world make syou smile, digital entrepreneurship and Hack the Entrepreneur is for you.

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What's Inside

  • 1. Getting Started

    There are similar obstacles we all face or have faced when getting started in business. Once we've broken through and started, we all wish we could've started sooner. Now you can.

  • 3. Ideas

    If right now you are struggling to come up with a great business idea, don’t worry: this section has you covered.

  • 5. Growth

    Once you have mastered the initial four sections, you will be ready to find and enjoy true growth. This is where you, your ideas, and your business will grow and scale way beyond you.

  • 2. Mindset

    There is an endless amount of tactics and strategies you can use to start and grow your business, but without the proper mindset you will never achieve the level of success you deserve. This section will help you form that mindset.

  • 4. Being Wrong

    As entrepreneurs, one of our greatest struggles is the fear of being wrong, making mistakes, and failing. This section is laid out to walk you through how to be wrong in your business, as well as how to use your mistakes to learn, grow, and catapult yourself to new heights.

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