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My organic growth strategy is simple – listen, learn, strategize, and execute.
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Jonny Nastor, Entrepreneur

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An Organic Approach to Growing Your Traffic.

In mid 2017, I decided to focus all of our team's efforts on SEO and content marketing to increase our website traffic.

We had been publishing the podcast for three years. We were writing articles, but without any strategic focus or process in place.

Without a real strategy, we struggled to get our business in front of people.

So, we developed a plan to use organic search engine traffic to grow our podcast and blog.

Here’s what happened during the first 10 months we spent focusing on SEO and creating a data-driven content marketing strategy:

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Content marketing is all about brand awareness and trust – two things today's businesses need to succeed.

A strong content strategy builds up your brand as an authority in your space, someone people trust for their expertise.

To get that content in front of the right people at the right time, SEO leverages organic traffic to help customers discover you.

To do this successfully, you need a sharp focus, a data-driven strategy, and a proven set of processes.

I've been able to do this by designing and implementing a strong, customized content strategy for each individual client.

Not just a custom strategy. A better strategy.

My organic growth strategy is simple – listen, learn, strategize, and execute.

I start by gaining an in-depth understanding of your customers, analyzing and assessing the competitive landscape.

I want to understand the unique factors surrounding your particular business.

Who is your audience, and what resonates with them the most? What does the buying process look like for your product or service?

What best practices are known to bring results in your industry? What are your competitors' weak spots, and how can we leverage them?

Then, I design a completely customized strategy for your business.